Feedback from Myrna Oudega, Holland

Trip April 2014 Myrna Oudega and Family, Holland 

Hi Team Passion for Travel,

I promised to give you some comments on our trip…

First of all, we had a more than wonderful time and I couldn’t believe the great locations we were booked in and the way everything ran so smoothly with the transportation. The food in the hotels was great, we loved the hotels, the swimming pools, etc.

My absolute favorite was Hotel Swaroop Villas in Udaipur, second came the Pugmark which was also great. Only because I was already familiar with the Maharaja’s place in Karauli, this comes in third place. All the rest was good as well. I even feel that the Florence Inn much improved since my last visit in 2006. The Ananda Inn was also good, great location, very friendly staff, clean and good good!

Many many thanks. It was absolutely great overall and we felt like royalty, being almost alone in those fantastic hotels. It was a dream trip. 





Feedback from Mrs Chantal Ward and Mr Paul Ward - Norwich - United Kingdom - October 2014

 "I wish to thank everybody at "Passion for Travel" for making our journey all over Rajasthan an unforgettable  one ,
the best of our 4 previous holidays to India.
Most of all we would like to thank our friendly, conscentious and extremely efficient driver PK as well as our Tour Manager Rudy  for sharing with us his "Beloved Rajasthan"  with his mine of information wherever he took us and for making us discover  amazing hidden places, steep in incredible outstanding and awesome treasures in palaces, temples, stepwells, and forts, not forgetting the discovery of Indian wildlife ( birds, animals and tigers).
We enjoyed the varied selection of all our hotels, they were more than comfortable, some majestic like "Devi Gargh" and "Laxmi Niwas", some quirky "The Desert Resort" and some homely "Adhbut Hotel to name but a few . 

We look forward to another exciting and memorable holiday with your company

Best Wishes

Mrs Chantal Ward 


Feedback from Ms Susan Unthank- London - United Kingdom - March 2015

Dear Team Passion for Travel

Thank you for arranging our trip and especially for choosing Pramod to be our driver. He was at all times courteous, informative and could not have been more helpful or attentive. His patience without Eccentricities and tardiness was never ending. Our final night at the 'Colonel's Retreat' was a fitting end to a wonderful holiday; thank you for our reservation to such charming accommodation. It was good to spend time with Catriona and our two weeks in India provided us with many lasting memories of Rajasthan and its people.

With kind regards


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